Monday, March 23, 2009


Yes I know I'm like 10 years behind but oh my god! It all began this morning when me and Sandra went out for lunch, during which we were trying to think of that song from About a Boy, and that silly thing occurred when you cant remember the bloody thing but you remember it in your head so u can! So anyways Sandra whips out her Ipod Touch and goes on the internet in minutes finds the answer due to the delights of free wifi! WHY DO I NOT HAVE ONE OF THESE???

So now i want one, soon! and so I went online this afternoon and new Ipod Touches are like $200, thats a lot of money to go on the internet once in a while, so I looked on ebay, and decided to give that a go! OMG how addictive is this thing, the tension of that site! 5 minutes to go and you put a bid on something, $2 more than the last person, and then with 1 minute to go your still the top bidder and you know you've got it in the bag, when BANG! some twat comes forward and takes your bloody ipod touch with $1 more than you bidded the bastards! But ahh addictive much! You could choose the 'one click bid' option, which skips the ''are you CERTAIN you want to bid $.... for this item?'', but I think thats a bit dangerous, you could get the decimal in the wrong place and end up bidding 1000s on a used ipod touch which would of been $200 brand new in a shop with seconds before bidding end and whose gonna be as stupid as you as to bid 1000s eh?! No one that is. Don't like all this legally binding millarky!

So yes that began the Ebay invasion into my life! and I'm loving it. It'll take time away from the new UNBELIEVABLY shitty facebook, will they ever listen?? Also twitter is taking up a lot of my time, many are you thinking its a big pile of rubbish due to it just being a status update, but you don't even realize how fantastically amazing it is! you can see what all your favorite comedians are doing at any given moment throughout the day, concert lovers can have ticket updates at any second. the reason i have mj tickets is because of twitter!! its just pure brilliance! so get twittering away my virtual loving friends!

So its a few months until I come home, but the come back tour is already in the planning! Some of you may have seen some of my promotional posters and videos out already, the teaser trailer which i sadly made myself is my favorite: http:


anyways! I was inspired by the Michael Jackson come back, which I have tickets for if you haven't seen my many 'This is it' type postings. 17 years i've waited for this tour, and this really is it :o there may be a tear when man in the mirror comes on!

Anyways anyways anyways!!! back to the come back tour, mine that is! I think we should all have a party where you all come as me! Its dead easy, baggy jeans, vans trainers, a huddy, and a ripped off band t-shirt, (purchased for $5 outside of every concert venue - NO OFFICIAL MERCH!!) and you've got a dave! It sounds fun much doesn't it? So anyways I will be very much attempting to see every single one of you over the summer! it should be pretty amazing :)

V Festival will also be attended this summer, I was going to do Leeds as I have a house there now I could of bloody walked to the festival and had showers too! but seeing no one is going from my crowd i've left it this year, plus I actually have an event that weekend too! Can't say much as its a bit of a suprise for one person but can't say anything more than that! Could it be you? I doubt it. Anyways anways anyways! V FEST! with some of the coolest hippiest drunkest peepz, I'm thinking Snow Patrol, James Morrison, Ting tings, katy perry, james and pete doherty! I hope petes still high off his face, will make the gig far more interesting. I saw him performing at Leeds a couple of years ago, and bless him, he didn't even know! Didn't even know!

Anyways I hoping your liking my first proper blog, I've been inspired a little by Ricky Gervais, so all those pestering for my blogness you can thank him. Talking of Gervais, I've asked Jonathan Ross, oh yes!, to get Gervais on the old twitter! Also after reading his blog, his next tour, Science should be coming out in the next year or two!! Cannot wait! :)

Also just want to have a mention for Jade Goody, I know some of you reading this will think very differently, but I was saddended to read she had died, no matter what she'd done in the past, she had certianly paid for it now. I just hope those 2 young boys will be looked after, and my thoughts go out to her family. She was so damn brave to the end, been watching some of her video updates, and even through the pain, she still had an amazing sense of humour and made me larrrrfff! goodbye miss goody, our new princess di they're calling you, although never saw princess di running around half naked crying over a varuka!! bless her soul.

Anyways thats enough seriousness, don't do serious so I don't!

I was out the other night with some friends. Met an American man, he tells me his mother was from England, from Preston he said, and asked if I'd heard of it?!!! How awsome is that! Crazy much! His mothers last name was porter,so any of you porters out there, think i've found a relative! This man was 84 years old, and was incredibly proud of his English heritage! He hadnt seen Preston though, but bless him I didn't want to burst his proud englishman bubble!

Anyays thats all for now my readers. This really has been fun. I love talking about me :)

Gonna watch friends, drink a glass of wine and do some more ebaying. eek better be careful with that, can't be doing it drunk, will be buying all sorts!



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  1. You and rach can start an Ebay club
    though shes probably some sort of gold card member by now!

    lovin the blog david :)
    also very sad about Jade goody - I always really liked her :(

    That american preston man story is wierddd - Im always amazed when English people know where preston is or have heard of it and know it not only as "near manchester"
    I was in an interview today and this foreign woman I was talking to had actually lived there once too - I was like ahhhhhh! so wierdd!

    added you on twitter
    speak soon x