Friday, March 27, 2009

So my ipod touch arrived today, and I'm unbelievably happy with it, like having a mini lap top with me on all my travels!! I've got it mainly so I can twitter whereever I am, because god forbid I can't update my status at any given moment and have to cope with the long wait of getting home or to work! If I do something silly or interesting, the world NEEDS to know! IMMEDIATLY!

It seems most of my albums and music is at home, or downloaded illegally, or stolen off other peoples computers. I also have a habbit of putting music on my lap top and once its on my ipod its deleted. So I went into Apple and asked if they sold a product which would transfer files from my old ipod to my new one. The sales assistant (who probably the most beautiful man to ever exsist I have to say, Brendan his name is) informed me that this idea of mine was COMPLETLY illegal!! So tomorrow I'm going to go in and ask if he sells cocaine.

So now I'm going to have to cope without music, or just keep my old ipod around with me for a while if I want a large variety of music, besides which I only got the touch for its fantastic wireless net whereever its available and the fact its practically a lap top. What I love more is that everyone assumes its an iphone when I get it out, I have no cause to correct them otherwise.

The other night I was wondering home and I decided an evening of DVDs and wine was a good idea! Went into Dominiks superstore and once again whichever bastard it is still hasn't returned Quantum of Solace which I really want to see! The only thing which looked watchable to rent was Twilight so I thought I would give it a go. I don't usually care for vampire movies, but oh my god, I'm in LOVE. This is a wonderful new addition to my life, and I'm going to run to the land of Barnes and Noble (thats a version of Borders/waterstones to my dear English friends) and buy the books because its just pure brilliant.

So yes! Ebay, Ipod touch and Twilight all in one week. Some would say I'm getting quite 'with it', so I am!

A woman the other night asked me if I was from New York, I told her I was from further East. She nodded and walked on, suddenly stopped, turned to me and said 'But there is no further East??'', I smiled and informed I was from across the pond. Am I really becoming that yankeefied though? Its terrorfying. My frinds will have to beat the americanness out of me when I return. I also get asked regularlly if I'm Australian. I once had very rude guest who kept guessing every Australasian country until I finally got a space to tell him I was from England. Once I was asked if I was french (Sandras had german), I have no idea where they got that from.

'What part of London are you from?' is always an annoying one, because clearly thats all England is. I think I sound more yankeefied more than anything these days because I'm fed up of being asked every 4 seconds where I'm from, why I'm here and how long I'll be here for. Its tiring. However as soon as an attractive man is within a metre region of me, or 5 because its me and I have a loud voice, my English accent transforms back, in fact even further to sound more English than the queen! And it works. the things people do for an accent!

So the parentals are coming 3 weeks tonight, very much looking forward to seeing them again. Haven't seen my dad in 8 months! Madness! Anyways they are very kindly taking a suitcase of things back for me so its less stuff to load across when I go home. Of course I will be buying an extra case before I leave in order to carry all the shit I've bought over here back too! So now I have the dilema of what I need for the next 4 months and what I don't. It also got me thinking of when I go home what will I miss?

So heres a list!! :

TARGET - the BEST store in the world, and you have to go to truely appreciate its fantasticness

Drive through EVERYTHING!! Banks/starbucks/cashmachines/pharmacies, you name it, its drive through baby!

Cars stopping for you anywhere so you can cross the road

Woodfield Mall

Hot Topic - mainly for the beautiful servers, I suppose that goes for Apple too

Being able to get away with chatting up anyone with my charming British Accent

Being able to get away with ANYTHING with my charming British accent

Not having to stand and wait at a bar for an entire year! Being waited on and having an open tab

What I will appreciate being back in england will be:

PUBLIC TRANSPORT - more than anything, its non-exsistant here

Side walks everywhere! or 'pavements' as I better get used to calling them again - here they just randomly stop in the middle of nowhere and have to battle the traffic to get anyway

No one expecting a tip, that it really is a pleasure, a nice gesture, rather than something which is expected

Not being asked a million times a day where the hell im from, why im here and who gives a god damn shit??

The overly religiousness of people

So I think its a nice ballance between the 2, pros and cons of both I suppose much! I'll be very sad to leave. I've got 4 more months yet so no point tearing up yet, but packing my suitcase to send home is really making me realize how soon its going to be eek!

I had a very random dream last night that Barack Obama was staying at my hotel, and for some reason was having a meeting in my lobby without security. I went and introduced myself and kept apologizing that I was not in my suit but I hadn't began work yet, I don't know why I thought he'd be so offended. Anyway I awoke this morning, and the dream felt so real, I was confused and was about to call my mum to tell her I'd met Obama and then realized I had been in deam land. Damn it, I'm just looking forward to beating Stevie in New Zealand who has served Kings of Leon and Iron Maiden, and Emily checking in Justin Timberlake (who by the way is apparantly ugly in real life... so there you go!)

It reminded me of the time my good friend Rob had a dream that his dad had died, and had the same experience where he awoke and didnt realize the difference between his dream land and the real world. Later that day his dad called, he was rather freaked out.

Anyways thats all my blogger readers. I'm going to go watch 'Charlie Wilsons War' seeing some pricks bogarding Quantum Solace the bastard!

Night all xxx

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