Friday, April 24, 2009

The parentals make their mark on America!!!

I've been rather idol for the past week on the twit and faceache front! Because on the 17th April, the parentals landed in America! After working the 7-3, I hopped on a train down to Chicago and met them at their hotel on Magnificent Mile. It was a very warm sunny day and we decided to go quickly run up the hancock for the coctails and the view, and then off to Irish bar for a few drinks. As soon as we got in the irish bar, first drink, I make a gesture with my hand and knock my pint of sams onto the floor and smashes. glass and beer go everywhere! I sighed. This is a daily occurance for me, but after seeing your parents for the first time in 6 months its not the first impression you want to make on them. No America has not turned me into an idiot... I just always was.

So after a couple more drinks we made our way back to the hotel, i hid myself from the staff, not because i didn't want to see them, but more for the fact that i looked like I'd pissed myself.

The next morning, we started bright and early and we headed for a traditional american breakfast and then off to Navy Pier, where we went on a speed boat to see the skyline, drank lots of coffee (not on the boat that would be dangerous) followed by a quick run to millenium park and up the sears, before they could ruin my parents dreams and change the name to willis tower!

That evening we went in search of British/Irish ale for my dad, would you believe we found Boddingtons in a little Irish bar in the centre, however we paid a price for our beloved imported beer... $8 a pint! madness.

Our final day was spent at the museum of science and industry where we learnt about all sorts so we did. Me and dad went on this simulator ride, where they told us the ride goes upside-down. My dad laughed and was rather cockey and said ''of course it does'' and we were amused when they were strapping us in so tightly looking at this regular simulator machine and its emergency stop button for naucious riders. How soft must they be?

The simulator began... and OH MY GOD ! IT REALLY DID GO UPSIDE DOWN! and the worst thing was we were in control, it was scary as hell! I'm glad I wasn't with Sandra, she would have just broken the machine and we'd of been stuck upside down.

We then jumped on the train up to sunny schaumburg, and to be honest, theres not a lot to do in this remote subarb. My dad disapointed no one had said 'Have a nice day'
yet, nor had he seen one cow boy hat, was soon cheered up by Panera Bread... the best bakery restaurant in America, which soon became their regular place for lunches and coffee, because starbucks dont make 'real' coffee apparantly.

The plan was to rent a car seeing Schaumburg is so behind the times that public transportation is beyond their imaginations. After running all the way home, and all the way back (i live 2 miles away) to get my credit card and passport, and then walked another mile in the cold, wind and rain to the car rental place where they told us to rent a car for 3 days would be $250, not including insurance!!! I could of bloody bought the car for that! So we decided taxis was the best way, and instead of blowing all that money on a car, we thought we'd spend it on something more useful and lasting, and so i purchased my beautiful new apple mac lap top :)

So in the world of work this week, we had the President of Samsung himself stay, and I personally served him coffee. I'm afraid people I couldn't forward your technological complaints and questions, such as why your camera doesnt work on your apple mac or why your phone battery is so crap, because I wasn't allowed :( And lets face it we would quite like his repeat business.

We're also expecting the ministry of defence for Israel is coming in soon... just a note to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad incase your reading (you never know) thats not all of the israel ministry of defence! They aint let their guard down so don't go poking your facist nose in there! I know your game!

Well... my parents left today after an amazing week catching up, and it was sad to see them go, but its only 13 weeks until I land on British soil, back to sunny Preston, which I'm pleased to hear is the least robbed place in Britain now. In all fairness what the hell would they steal? Although its nice to not have that worry, one thing off my mind, and now I cant focus all my worrying on just getting stabbed :)

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