Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chicago is crazzzyyy! (well when Emily comes to town...)

This week I had the joys of Emily (my friend from University who lives in Boston) visiting the Chicago land area! And it was probably the most randomly fun week I've had here. Chicago is CRAZY, in the words of Emily, but lets face it, anywhere Emily is, is crazy!

First stop once in Chicago, was the bar (of course, its me and em?) and what better bar than the Hancock building with the beautiful view and the coctails! 2 coctails later, we thought we better ought to see the sites of Chicago, so we wondered over to Navy Pier, where we were distracted immediatly by a beer garden. We were in the beer garden for several hours, and after many many pints later, we went for dinner where a bottle of wine was consumed, and then an irish bar where 2 more bottles of wine were consumed! We met some very nice people and got quite typsy.... thats a lie, very typsy and nearly left the bar without paying. The bar man ran out to remind us of our outstanding bill... eek!

The next morning we awoke at 6am to a horrible alarm clock and a banging hangover, but there was no time to suffer. We needed to be on the mega bus by 8 and had to get across the city. A stop at Mcdonalds on the way was also on the agenda.

We could not find a single locker to put Emily's bright pink suitcase named Brenda in Chicago, so she had to join us on our travels. While she was a burden, it was much fun taking photos of this bright pink suitcase in different tourist areas and the people of Indiana giving us strange looks and wondering why we were treating this piece of luggage like a human being.

We jumped on the mega bus to Indianapolis where if you want to see the biggest number of ghetto women you'll ever meet, get on a mega bus, who just sit on the back of the bus acting all stereotypical and singing to themselves.

We arrived in Indianapolis at noon, and first stop was to visit the Lucas Oil Stadium - home to the Colts, Indianapolis American Football team! My best mate Rob has a brick in the building from when they rebuilt the stadium which was bought for him as a 21st birthday present from his mum as he's massive Colts fan! After an hour of looking through hundreds of names, we found the brick and were so happy!

We also wondered around memorial circle, white state park and had a wonder around the beautiful architecture of indianapolis! Oh yes I've made Emily quite the cultured one!

We then took the ghetto bus back to Chicago and had to get on the metra back to Schaumburg. Emily was not impressed with the metra, she thought that the speed it was going was due to it setting off, it was only after 45 minutes of travelling that she realized that this was its fastest speed it actually went. She actually has on camera someone running faster than the bloody train!

We then got off the train and Emily was even more amused at how in the middle of nowhere I live, in her words 'Dave your a red neck , you live out in the sticks!'

So anyway we arrived back at my house where we found Prison Steve! He's out of prison! So he's now back to being just named Steve... maybe we can call him 'ex-con steve' instead. He found prison like a vacation but is glad to have his freedom again.

On the final day I felt quite bad that Emily hadn't seen any of Chicago seeing we'd spent the entire first day drinking in the beer garden. So we hopped on the very slow metra down to Chicago and went to Millenium Square, where they have happened to put up a beer garden! So we were distracted again! and spent 2 hours in the Millenium Park drinking. However we didnt spend as long there as it was $25 for 2 beers. Thats expensive, even for Chicago where beer costs more than gold.

Before we missed any more sites through our drunken distraction of beer gardens, we moved onto mag mile and took in the sites, before finally landing in a British pub where they sold Boddingtons and Strongbow. How delighful. More drunken fun.

Emily went home Saturday morning and that evening I met Amy downtown and we went to see Bryan Adams in concert at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago. He was absolutely amazing! Sat behind some people from Summerset! Always manage to find us Brits somewhere. One woman in the audience didn't quite understand it was a acoustic night and kept standing up and going ''is this a rock concert or what?? stand up and rock!!! ''. It was a cracking night though, everyone sang along to every song and was such an amazing night. Anyway here was the set list from the concert:

Run to You
Tonight we have the stars
Back to you
Lets make this a night to remember
Here I am
When you love someone
This Time
Not romeo, not juliet
Lonely Nights
Everything I do (I do it for you)
Cuts like a knife
Please Forgive Me
Walk on by
I just wanna make love to you
Summer of 69
Have you ever really loved a woman

At work this week we had the Marriott Associate Appreciation week, and I think I felt even less appreciated than most weeks. One guest even told me to shut up after I helped him with his luggage to his room and wished him a good night, he turned round and went 'Oh shut up David'. I feel like I should make a sign as not to embarress the guests when theyre screaming at me on this appreciative week. Can't believe I only have 10 weeks left... not that I'm counting or anything. but 10 weeks!

Adios Amigos!!!

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