Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coyote aint so ugly

I begin this new post from my new home at the hotel in Schaumburg. For the next 8 weeks, i'll be living in a hotel room.... now I feel like a true rock star! I've moved out all my stuff and it was kind of sad that I could pack up mu life into two suitcases. It was quite sad leaving the area I lived in, although I will not miss the walk to work, especially in the Chicago summer heat! But I'll miss the wildlife and the scenery and the nice neighbors I usually chat to on the way. The wildlife we get in my area is amazing; Racoons, Skunks, rabbits...and some things I haven't even seen or heard of. The other week I saw a large dog like animal, and was slighly worried as we are reported to have wolves in the area, and it was at midnight and I was walking home from work. Anyway I did some research and found out these animals are Coyotes and that they're quite common in the Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates area these days and have adapted to being around humans. Just last night I was walking down the street to my house, and one walked right past me... I was shitting it, but the Coyote wasn't even phased by me, just carried on with its business... quite snooty if anything.

Of course me moving in here means that Sandra has left on her travels! She has gone from New York to LA! I'm very jealous but I of course have booked some travels of my own! 2 weeks today I'll be setting off to Washington DC and staying with some friends in West Virginia. Then I come back and I have 5 weeks left of work (and an Elton John concert to attend) before I fly off to Las Vega s for 4 days, then fly to San Francisco for 3 days to meet my friend Renee and see the sites of this amazing California city! Then I'll be flying back to Chicago for one night for my final goodbyes before flying home the next day to England. Its scary how little time I have and how fast the past year has gone, but what an amazing summer I have to look forward to. My last week in America I'll be flying 8 times... I'm self destroying the world in one week... Al Gore would have a field day.

This weekend was memorial day, and I spent it on Schaumburg town square where the army did a presentation firing guns and the such, we also had a war veteran tell us of his time in Vietnam, which lets be honest was a pretty horrific war. Of course the holidays meant an interesting weekend at work, with CHILDREN. Damn them... I had one little boy who couldn't reach the urinal in the restroom, so instead he decided to just urinate all over the floor in the middle of the bathroom! I had another woman try to hog the entire hotel for herself and her little girl, asking me to ask other guests to leave the swimming pool so she could swim.... unbelievable. I sometimes lose faith in humanity when I work with people so much... But weekends in the hotel can be so stressful... leisure guests need rollaway beds, towels, EVERYTHING. Businessmen come into the hotel and as long as they've got a bed, the internet and access to pornography, they're a happy bunch. No problems. 7 weekends to go anyways ;)

American Idol ended last week, something which I tried not to get attatched to, but ultimatly... you do. I apologize for the posting the winner on facebook forgetting they wouldn't be showing the show until the following day and ruined the show for everyone but oh well. But I KNEW it was fixed, how could that plane, red necked loser win? Adam performed with KISS! He was bringing the glam rock back and put on the most amazing performances week after week. And now we hear the news that it was fixed that the vote was unfair, due to phone provider AT&T allowing voters to vote for Chris for free but charging to vote for Adam. Unbelievable. What is happening to our world if we can't even trust a family tv show. I feel more hurt than that time I got screwed by Richard and Judy.

Anyway just a short one this week as I need to go and unpack and make this Marriott hotel room feel like home! In the mean time listen to the Jimmy Carr Writers Room podcasts, available from Itunes, or the Ricky Gervais audiobooks, available from the same place.

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