Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Land of Lincoln

On Sunday, myself, Patrik and Albert took a trip to the Capital of Illinois - Springfield. We took route 66 (even though it technically doesn't still exist unless you take the back roads, its much easier to take route 55 highway), we managed to find the historic route and drove through these very unique villages and town. I think I've been watching too many horror movies, as I was terrified, these towns looked like scenes out of Devils Rejects! I warned Albert not to stop for gas anywhere!

We arrived in Springfield at 9:30am, and for the CAPITAL of a state, I was surprised at how tiny and quiet this apparent city was, but also at how southern the people were, especially seeing it was only a 3 hour drive from Chicago. But don't be put off, Springfield was one of the most friendliest towns I have ever visited, the locals were more than welcoming!

Springfield is famous for the fact that Abraham Lincoln was from here (well actually if your asking he was born in Indiana, but he studied, worked, began his political career and is buried here... but no one likes technicalities), but what amused me about the visit, is that clearly Lincoln is ALL Springfield is famous for. Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln. These poor people clanged onto him like a breast feeding child! I didn't want to rub it into their faces that in Chicago, we had Obama.

We visited the Old Capitol Building where we saw where Lincoln worked as Senator of State, his offices and where he lied in state for the people of Illinois to visit after he died. We visited the Lincoln Museum, where we learnt all about, you guessed it... Lincoln!

We took a tour around the Law offices where Lincoln worked as a lawyer for many years before his political career took off; followed by a tour of his house. While the house was exactly how it was when he left it, the law offices over the years had changed, and it turned out they had no idea where he would have actually worked, what building or what his office was like. We were shown around by a local volunteer who was clearly out of retirement looking for something to do, and kept forgetting important facts, and we spent a good half hour waiting for her to remember how the building was designed.... because, sure, thats what we came for. But we couldn't complain, we didn't pay for the tour.

The tour of the house however was very impressive, to see exactly how Lincoln had it. The house was a good standard, 5 bedroom, for a man of that time, he had done very well, seeing he had come from a one bedroom barn in Indiana, he had come a long way (as the tour guide kept reminding us several times), however there wasn't a bathroom. Can you imagine... the president of the united states.... no bathroom! Unbelievable. We had a wonder around the house and had a guided tour of each room; we got to actually touch the banister up the stairs which Lincoln touched... they promoted this by saying this is the closest thing we could get to shaking his hand; I couldn't help think with all this bird flu going about that they wipe that historic aid down with anti-bacterial spray each day. I know this in affect would remove any lincoln remains away from the banister, but my health comes first...

We finished off by stopping off at Lincoln's tomb, and what an impressive monument to the 16th president it was! At 36m high, I was incredibly inspired and decided that I want an even bigger tomb after my death. You walk into the tomb and there's statues of Lincoln on the walk round to the actual grave. We learnt of how some crafty devils once tried to steal the presidents body for ransom, of course that failed as one of their accomplices stitched them right up! How rude.

After an amazing day, we returned to Schaumburg, and I lined my gifts of a Lincoln head statue and Illinois flag up on my desk, and now my desk looks like the presidential desk in the white house, which while we are on it, I'll be visiting in 7 days! Yes 7 days from now I'll be on my mini tour of Washington DC and West Virginia!

'Country Roaaaaad, take me home, to the place I belong! West Virginia, Mountain Momma, Country Roaaaad! Take me home!' - poor Beverly (my tour guide for the week) is going to hate me! I best download that now and get it out of my system before I get there! I wonder if Blue Ridge Mountains are anywhere near Sheperdstown?

In England today (june 4th) its the elections, and I urge anyone reading this to go out and vote anyone but the BNP.

If you need a reason why, watch the following:

These people are going to gain seats if people don't vote against them, and this could be potentially dangerous! I wish I could be there to make the difference myself, but seeing I'm not around myself to stop this fascist party getting into power, I urge those who can to go and vote and keep our country liberal! It never just stops at immigration; it will go on until anyone who doesn't fit into the norm of society to be discriminated against, whether you or your friends are black, asian, jewish or gay (as we're practically a race now... not a choice!). Now while I can't be there to support us all this week, next week I'll be in DC supporting my tribe at my very first Pride Festival!

Diversity won Britains Got Talent, and I was gutted Susan Boyle didn't have a fit and throw a camera at Ant and Dec in a rage! I bet all those people who said they would take her virginity if she won are relieved. Diversity have been called up to perform with Michael Jackson at his summer concerts - this is going to be immense! Also on Michael Jackson news, he's now confirmed a Jackson family reunion concert next summer in Texas! So I'm thinking a tour of the south with a stop off in texas to see the Jackson family blow me away with their musical magic all over again July 2010!

Only 6 weeks left of work in the hotel left! And even after a year, people actually manage to suprise me! The best question ever was asked for me, more annoying than 'Where are you located?' (which is so vague it makes me want to shoot somebody). A guest called down and asked 'Where do I find information?'. I felt like suggesting a library or the internet? But sucked up my comedic response (basically my natural instincts), and asked what sort of information he would like; he replied 'a phone number'. I was assuming a phone number for a local restaurant or a business, but no. He wanted the phone number to John Mayer, who apparently lives in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. I was suddenly the White Pages (which by the way isn't a fascist movement paper, but is like the yellow pages, accept for regular people... i suggest changing the name to neutrally respectful pages). Unbelievable.

Well my dedicated readers, I leave you with some advice today... Vote liberal on June 4th and NEVER work with the public...

C'est la vie x

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  1. David: Actually, Abe was born in Kentucky; his family moved to Indiana when he was still pretty young, and then on to Illinois. ... Hate for you to leave Springfield with a wrong impression.

    Mike Kienzler
    The Abraham Lincoln Observer