Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mountain Moma brought me home!

The week began at Residence Inn, a sister property of ours here in Schaumburg. Don't ask why they can't be brothers, I guess feminism has gone crazy. The Residence Inn property is more of an apartment complex than a hotel, and therefore there are very few people coming in and out or checking in. Time ACTUALLY stops at this property. When I thought my night must be nearly over, it was still only 6pm and I had another 5 hours to go. There are only so many times you can refresh your facebook before you want to throw your computer out the window. I would have kept myself busy by tidying or cleaning, but due to the lack of people, there was no mess to be created!

Anyway the second night came, and I pulling my hair out with boredom, and when tapping the desk, my hands went off on their own and went on a wondering around the desk (I'm male), and accidentally clicked the panic button. 5 minutes later, the phone called, it was Schaumburg police and they wanted to know if everything was ok. I explained how much of an idiot I was but it was an accident and everything was ok. The woman on the phone asked that I go and explain that to the officers outside and to make sure my hands were where they could see them. I walk outside where police cars are surrounding the building and armed police were stood there making sure some crazy terrorist wasn't causing trouble. I explained again how silly my wondering hands were and that everything was ok. One of the policeman sent the others away and came in with me and checked everywhere to make sure no one was held hostage. He stayed for another 15 minutes to make sure everything was ok before leaving, which made me put huge faith in the local police... as long as they dont think i was 'the boy who cried wolf' and dont come if theres a real emergency!

So since then, managers and colleagues from all properties have been calling up and just laughing down the phone at me. I'm the talk of the town and will probably never live it down, although I'm only here for another 4 weeks!

The next night I was back at Courtyard, and wasn't complaining about the rush after the Res experience. It was so busy that i scalded my hand in hot water when replenishing the coffee station! Nearly screaming in pain and obviously in pain, a guest stood there and asked for a wake up call. I went over to the phone to set it up, one hand still dripping in hot scalding water, slowling burning away the flesh, the guest just looked at me and said 'I am going to get this wake up call arnt i?'
How inconsiderate can these people be? It wasn't enough that I was withholding physical pain just to set up his wake up call? I swear I could drop dead at the desk, and people would just complain that the service was rubbish. Unbelievable.

Anyway after these dramatic events, I managed to have a couple of days off, where I flew to Washington DC! I met my friend Beverly at the airport, and we wondered into the city centre. We were going to go to the Holocaust Museum but due to the shootings, the museum was shut and therefore we wondered around the city and saw all the sites. We saw the Washington and Lincoln monuments, the Korean, Vietnam and World War II memorials, as well as the White House and Capitol Building.

That evening we drove up to West Virginia where I was staying and spent the evening with friends Marti and Beverly. The next day we got up and explored the town of Shepherdstown, a small hippy town which turns out to be the oldest town in West Virginia. In the afternoon we headed out to the state of Maryland to see the sites of the Civil War. I did very well and didn't once sing 'Country Road!! take me home! to the place I belong! West Virginia, Mountain Moma, take me home, country road!' which I bet Beverly was glad about.

On Saturday we went into DC and managed to finally get to see the Holocaust Museum. It was amazing how many people only came to see where a security guard got shot, rather than actually coming to see the Holocaust Museum. 6 million dead Jews were forgotten for one security guard who wasn't even Jewish. However he was black. I wonder if the old nazi who killed him walked in and thought he'd cover all bases by shooting a black man in a Jewish museum. Too bad he wasn't gay, he would have made all points!

That afternoon we went to the Pride Festival where we saw the parades! Thousands of gays swarmed the streets of Washington to celebrate their sexuality. It was interesting to say the least, with the biggest point trying to get gay marriage in America.
Afterwards we went to a party in a hotel room, I got to be the annoying guest who I usually have to shout at every Saturday night. Its fun to be in the other persons shoes.

On Sunday we went straight down to DC again where we visited the Smithsonian Museum of National American History, followed by a return to the Pride Fest events where they had an open air concert in front of the Capitol Building.
That evening we returned to West Virginia where I spent the evening enjoying my last few hours with Beverly and Marti. We had an amazing few days and wouldn't have been as good without them!

I flew back to Chicago on Monday morning and was back to work that afternoon. I really don't know how all my guests travel and work the way they do, because after a two hour flight I was exhausted! I don't blame them for being so grouchy!!

Back to normality at least for a few weeks. 4 weeks left of work before my last day, and then travelling again before I return to England in 5 weeks time!! I didn't think I'd be upset to leave Schaumburg, not because I haven't enjoyed my time here, because I've met some amazing friends; but I thought I wouldn't be upset as I thought I'd be too excited to see everyone in England, but driving through Schaumburg and seeing the Zurich Towers, knowing that in just a few weeks time it'll be the last time I would be seeing them! A tear came to my eye, and it'll be sad to leave this place which has been home for the last year.

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