Thursday, July 2, 2009

The final countdown....

Its been exactly one week since we heard the shocking news that Michael Jackson died, and since all we seemed to have heard is the dirty details of who or what killed him and whether he's really those children's father. Quite frankly, none of this is anyones business but the Jackson famiy's, and we should be taking more time to focus on remembering a man who provided us with entertainment for the past 40 years. One thing which has come out of this, are videos and photos of him and his children, playing and being a family. Its my belief that its those who bring us up are our parents, not biology. And Michael is more of a father to those children than half of these supposed biological dads out there who couldn't care less about being involved in their children's lives.

One fantastic breakthrough this past week, has been footage and photos of the This Is It concerts, which the full rehearsals are to be released onto DVD in the next few months, so we can finally see what Michael had in store for us, and his art and vision has not been lost. Its just such a shame that the shows wont go on, as so much work has gone into those performances, however it wouldn't be the same without the king of pop himself. AEG gave everyone the option of giving people a refund or keeping the tickets. I, myself, kept the ticket option, as we can always earn more money, but now I have this little piece of Michael, part of my life dream to see him live, which unfortunately never got to live out. Many complained that we didn't get both refunds and tickets. I'm not bothered about the money, I just wish AEG would have provided more, a program, or memorabilia from the event to add to the ticket. But those tickets are priceless in the forms that they will always be the tickets to Michael's final gigs. But I'm going to have my ticket framed, to always have on show that I had a ticket to his final tour :)

A few days ago, the world felt empty without him. It still seems rediculous to say this, to be devestated over someone I didn't even know personally. But it did. I couldn't watch the news, or listen to his music. And then they released the photos of the This Is It concerts, and I just broke down. I decided to go for a walk and clear my head. As I was crossing Higgins Road in Schaumburg, a car pulled up, blasting 'Bad' out of the window. I turned to the driver and smiled, and he smiled back before he drove on. I kept on walking (mainly because if I hadn't I'd of been knocked down... those cars go fast on Higgins), but I walked on with a smile and with confidence that Michael still lives, with all of us, forever through his music which will inspire us and entertain us for years to come :) and since that day I haven't been sad or down. But optimistic! And excited for the summer, and the future!

The other good news this past week, that the people that have given him a hard time in the past have finally turned around and given him a break. Martin Bashir, the man who tore his career apart after the documentary 'Living with Michael Jackson', has finally turned round and said he never truly believed Michael Jackson was harmful to children and while his life was extraordinary, he believed him to be a safe and sound gentleman who had a lot of love for those around. It is also reported that Jordan Chandler, the boy (or now man) who claimed Jackson abused him (and yet took the $20 million pay off ) has admitted that his accusations were completely untrue.

Michael's funeral is to be on Tuesday, and I just hope that they give him the send off he deserves. I also hope, at last the press, and the public will give him and the Jackson family the privacy and the respect they deserve. There are reports that Neverland will one day be opened like Grace Land, for the public to visit and see the house that Michael designed. So maybe I never got to see Michael live, but I'm optomistic that one day I'll be able to visit Neverland (his home which he designed and made him happy, his refuge and inspiration for much of his music), and pay the respects I never got to do here and be able to see a part of Michael and possibly where he's buried?

His memorial is on Tuesday and afterwards it will be my final blog for the king of pop, as I want to let him rest in peace. Plus my blogs are getting a tad serious, and the people who know me will know I don't do serious.


So its the final countdown to my return to England! Its been an easier week at work, a short breather after the stressed unbelievably busy shifts we've had these past few weeks! Hopefully my final weeks at work will be a rememberable and fantastic end to my time here in America. I've already been told that one of my final shifts will be spent on our property on Mag Mile in Downtown Chicago, where I'll be able to visit downtown one last time, and work in the enjoyable rush of the city!

Myself and Amy went to o'hare airport last week to collect our new intern. I never realized how much fun it is to stand there waiting for people to come out of customs! Me and Amy were thinking of coming back again next week with coctails and just hanging out with everyone who are awaiting families and friends from all over the world! It made me realize that will be my mum and dad in just 3 weeks, waiting for little old me!

Our new intern is called Eszter, who is from Budapest, Hungary, and since we've been showing her the delights of Schaumburg and helping her get about. It brought it home to me that that was me last year, and looking back at how far I've come and how much has changed in these past 12 months, and remembering how different I was. Remembering the feelings of fear, optimism and wondering how the next year will pan out! But realizing how quickly everything came together, and how brilliant this last year has been, and the experiences I've had. We're collecting another new intern in the coming weeks, a girl from Hong Kong called Apple who will be my replacement. I'll have to train her to platinum employee status before I leave! as we can't have the people of Schaumburg grieving my loss for too long! I'm thinking of having Madam Tussauds come in and have a wax work of myself put in the lobby.

As we said hello to new interns, we said goodbye to old interns and managers. First we said goodbye to Shannon my old AGM who has been a great friend and mentor this year. I gave her Fawlty Towers on dvd as a leaving gift, in the hope she'll use it as a training video for staff at her new hotel! We also said goodbye to my friend and intern Sandra, who has returned to England, although those goodbyes wont be for long as I'll be seeing her in September; we have various concerts and nights out planned when we're back home, and we're also planning to come back to America next summer to travel the south, including Texas and New Orleans!

Tomorrow I'm speaking to my parents for the last time before I fly home. During that time they're off on holiday to Austria (this is not an invite to burgle their houses... they have security alarms and very nosey neighbors who would inform the authorities within seconds! While they're there they are celebrating their 50th and 60th birthdays! They're going to kill me for telling everyone their ages! But please if you see them, wish them happy birthday as its quite a landmark! I can't believe its been 10 years since they're joint 90th (40th and 50th birthdays incase your confused)! Its gone so fast. It was the day I received my SATs results and was leaving primary school and about to go to High School! And now I'm living in America, and I'm, well, me! We were celebrating at a hotel which no longer exsists and I remember doing the moonwalk in front of my family to Billie Jean. Today I'm still just as optimistic, have the thrive to entertain and still have a fond love for Michael Jackson.... can't you tell? I guess I am pretty quiet about that....

So with 22 days to go... this is the final countdown! See you soon England ;)

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