Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is it....

Today we saw the memorial of Michael Jackson, one which I to be honest, was worried would be a cheesy event which would just be in distaste, and didn't blame Elizabeth Taylor for not turning up to the event. However as soon as it begun, it quickly showed that this was a tasteful, and beautiful tribute to the king of pop.

Some people have made it quite clear it was just another chauvinistic event which shouldn't have been so publicized, however I believe his fans and the world needed a time and a place to grieve, and it would have been very empty had the Jackson's not prepared anything for the people of the world. This was not a day to make fun, make hurtful comments, or say how pathetic this whole situation is (no matter what your beliefs were), nor was it a day for the press to make up more rumors or hurtful stories or what we should do with those kids....

this was a day to remember a legend...

It began with a gospel choir singing 'The King is Here', a grande entrance for our king of pop. Seeing his coffin for the first time made his death suddenly so horribly real.

Mariah Carey began the event singing 'I'll be there', a song which always makes my hairs stand on end, when he was both alive and especially now Michael has passed.

The most moving song for me though was 'Will you be there', performed by Jennifer Hudson, a woman who has been through some horrific tragedy this last year. The most touching at the end when they actually had Michael's speach at the end of the song:

In Our Darkest Hour
In My Deepest Despair
Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There?
In My Trials
And My Tripulations
Through Our Doubts
And Frustrations
In My Violence
In My Turbulence
Through My Fear
And My Confessions
In My Anguish And My Pain
Through My Joy And My Sorrow
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I'll Never Let You Part
For You're Always In My Heart.

Shaheen Jafargholi from Britain's got Talent sang 'Who's loving you', reminded us of Michael's younger days, and would of been around Shaheen's age when he sang that song. Through this event, Shaheen will now most likely become a world wide phenomenon much like Michael himself.

Brook Shields gave a very moving tribute, telling us about the real Michael, not the singer, not the entertainer, but the dad, the brother, the friend. How he used to laugh, a prankster, a real human being. This followed by Jermain Jackson's performance of smile, which was just as beautiful, that reminded us that Michael would want us to smile, despite how much we hurt at this difficult time.

Martin Luther King III told us of Michael's poltical breakthroughs. Michael was the african american artist to ever have a video played on MTV. He set the grounds for black music, and introduced the caucasian world to Motown and african american music, and broke racial barriers. We were also reminded that the past should be forgotten and those false allegations should be put away and we should remember him for what he really was. In America, and in the UK, you are innocent until proven guilty, and Michael was never proven guilty, he was acquitted by a jury. He is an innocent man, and the pedophiliac disgusting comments and jokes should be put to an end. Anything further is just slander.

Al Sharpton gave an aggressive but an incredibly inspiration speach telling us that Michael Jackson will be known across the world through his music and talent, political and charity work for ever and ever, and ever. He also told Michael's children that their father wasn't weird or strange, but that the situations he faced and the things he had to deal with were strange. One thing I learnt from Michael Jackson was that being different and not being part of the crowd and maybe being a bit odd and strange was far cooler than being a stereotype. I hate stereotypes or 'normal' people. I love unique qualities and people who others may perceive as odd or weird, I find far more interesting than plane people who have to fit into stereotypes. I think more than ever now, we have to stand out from the crowd, especially in this economy when we're applying for jobs with such high competition out there... fitting in will get you nowhere in life. Michael might not have fit into the norms of society, but look what he accomplished.

Usha sang 'Gone too soon', one song which was fitting for the situation, Michael has gone too soon. He should have been able to live out at least one of his final curtain concerts, to say goodbye and to once again feel that love from an audience and to know he still has it. Michael offstage seems very fragile, but when he was on stage he transformed into this remarkable performer who had so much energy and wasn't letting anyone get to him. He was invincible. One last performance would have have left him on a high, and his song Gone Too Soon, really reflects these last 2 weeks. Usha came off the stage and sang it directly to Michael's casket, before breaking down, which was truely a moving scene.

Stevie Wonder sang 'I never dreamed you'd leave this summer', again another fitting song for Michael. The words reflected his death so much... we all expected the big come back this summer and that he'd be very much coming back, instead we're left without him.

The Jacksons came on at the end and said their own goodbyes. Paris Jackson, left an orphan, broke down saying how much she's going to miss her father. This moved everyone, watching this young girl, parentless. No child should have to go through this.

Marlon Jackson said some words which really stuck with me today ''Maybe now they'll leave you alone'', and I really hope the world does leave him alone now to finally rest in peace. The press can leave him alone now, him and his family to grieve. We don't need to know any more gossip or hurt, or rumors. What's done is done, and Michael should be allowed to rest in peace, anything more now is just hurtful to anyone who knew him

The event ended with all Michael's friends and family singing Heal the World and We are the World, recreated from the plans for the summer concerts. A beautiful ending to see everyone up there. Afterwards, the screen left with a photo of Michael behind a camera from the video ''Laberian Girl'', where he famously said at the end ''thats a rap'', and it showed that this was a rap, the end, a complete life, a perfect ending to a beautiful tribute and the ending to a wonderful life of a man who completed everything he'd dreamed. This was it. Its a rap.

It then brought up a quote of Michael Jackson's - ''I am alive and I'm here forver'' , and he will be... he really will.

The audience left the arena to 'Man in the Mirror', on the stage was a microphone stand with a spotlight beaming down on it. Very much like the ending of many concerts, where the microphone is still there but the artist has gone. Michael has gone, but his music and entertainment will go on forever.

Today was a very difficult day for me and many others, but its over now. We can move on. Many people don't understand how we can grieve for someone we didn't know. But I honestly feel like I lost apart of my family, I've cried more over Michael's death than I have of some of my blood relatives.

Thank you so much to those who expressed concern, who sent texts, letters, emails, and messages asking if I was ok, saying I was the first person they thought of. It was so lovely for your concern, even people who I assumed would laugh at me for feeling the way I feel, turned around and sent their sympathy knowing how much of a real loss this is to me.
But I am no Jackson, and thoughts a prayers should be with the Jackson family at this time who must be devastated, and have to deal with that grief in the public eye, which must be incredibly difficult.

Well much like this whole situation, Michael's life, his career and concerts, this is it... and this is it for my reporting and blogs to Michael, as what is to be be said has been said, and I'm going to leave him alone in the hope that others will also leave him be. He will always be remembered, and believe we should remember him through his beautiful music, which we will always have on whether its in a show, nightclub or a hotel elevator.... and will always have a special place in my heart which will live on forever and still make my hairs on my arms stand on end and get the goosebumps and those thrills everytime i see a video or hear certain songs. Michael said we'd always be in his heart, and he'll always be in mine.

Michael will live on forever, and I hope he can now finally rest in peace

So thats a rap, this IS it...

Goodbye and Goodnight Michael Jackson, We will always love you x

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