Monday, August 24, 2009

V Festival 2009

What can I say? It was bloody awsome! The music, the weather... but most of all... the company.

It began at 10am on Friday morning where myself, Vanessa and Shaun got the coach down to the festival. Absolutely no traffic the entire journey, so no humorous stories there, but all the same began a perfect beginning to our trip. However our friends who were meeting us there who had our tents ready to set up had a different story; they set off at 7am in the morning, got stuck in traffic; Kat decided she needed the toilet and got out and went along the hard shoulder when traffic suddenly speeded up, and Kat was left running down the motorway after her transportation. They arrived minutes before we did.

We arrived at the festival at 2pm, and as soon as we got off the coach, we had ourselves a well deserved beer... about an hour later we put up the tents and the festival began. I purposely bought a cow painted tent thinking I was different... I turned up and half the bloody festival had them, as well as someone in my own group, which the others thought it would be funny if they swapped our tents in the night, just to confuse our drunken selves.

Saturday morning began very sunny! So sunny that I'm currently sat here looking like a lobster! We went down to the arena and began with some fantastic performances by Ocean Colour Scene, James Morrison, Biffy Clyro and James. Elbow as usual were mellow as sin... I'm not a fan (sorry), and wonder why these people are ever so high up on a festival line up... dreary crap. However Snow Patrol soon put an end to that with an amazing performance, spilling out some of their best tracks. I was slightly gutted that Oasis actually managed to turn up to Staffordshire, as I would of loved an extended performance from Snow Patrol. Also the fact that Oasis bring Oasis fans... who are in my opinion the scummiest people who shouldn't ever attend a festival. As soon as we arrived on the coach it was obvious who the Oasis fans were, the typical Northern louts who for some reason think they are actually Noel Gallagher. I would of quite liked to have seen their disappointed faces in Chelmsford. I'm a bitter bastard, I know...

Anyway I am glad Oasis did turn up Staffordshire in end, as I did hear in Chelmsford there were some riots due to them not turning up and I don't care for trouble; but more so for the fact I went to see a fantastic performance from Keane. I was saddened to see how few people turned up to see them; the place was empty. Tim, their lead singer, at one point asked the crowd to scream louder 'to drown out the din from the main stage'. Here... here.

We went across to see Lady Gaga, who provided a very amusing performance. She kept reminding us how much she enjoyed 'cock', and I was so hoping mothers had brought their young children to see their idol play, as that would be an awkward conversation for later... Lady Gaga however did turn up 15 minutes late, and ran over her set, which caused the sound crew to pull the plug, leaving her very embarressed and had to apologise to a booing audience.

The night ended with MGMT. During their gig, huge enflatable balls were being kicked around. I went to go and throw one, when my shoe went flying into the audience and clouted someone on the head. I quickly ran in and retrieved my shoe... luckilly no one had decided to throw it further (they were my only pair!), and I was reminded why men like me should never play football.

Sunday began with breakfast at 10 am which consisted of a nutri grain bar and John Smiths finest ale. After a few hours of midmorning boozing we headed down to the arena where I managed to purchase myself a Michael Jackson styled hat... more so for the fact that my hair was something to be desired. It was a cool hat though... in fact a bar man who had awsome afro hair asked me if he could have it... I told him I'd do a fair swap, he could have the hat if I could have his hair. He didn't accept.

We watched the brilliant Noisettes, followed by a bit of dancing in the Bacardi dance tent. We returned later to watch Dizzee Rascal and then caught the last part of Lily Allen, who once again I would have loved to have seen parents bring their children to see the famous Lily who was belting out tracks such as 'F*ck you very much' and songs about her giving oral sex to selfish boys.... interesting. But she was incredibly entertaining, and very much a perfectionist... so much so she stopped half way through her new song 'Not fair' to yell at her guitarist who messed up and demanded they begin the song again.

This followed by The Wombats and The Ting Tings, and a belting performance from Pendulum. The crowd weren't as crazy as at download festival for Pendulum, however two gentleman dancing behind us brought flame throwers... which really made the evening explosive, even if it was a tad dangerous.

We managed to catch up with the entire group for the end of the night to watch the Killers, which was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Monday morning we woke up bright and early, said our goodbyes and made our way home. The coach journey back was just as perfect as going, absolutly no traffic, although the Oasis chav fans on our coach insisted we stop off at Charnock Richard services, 15 minutes away from Preston! Unbelievable.

But now I'm home, I've got into a nice bubble bed and ready for an early night in a very comfortable bed! :)

The performances I saw over the weekend are as follows:

Ocean Colour Scene
James Morrison
Biffly Clyro
Snow Patrol
Lady Gaga

The Noisettes
Dizzee Rascal
Lily Allen
The Wombats
The Ting Tings
The Killlers