Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm alive... and back!

It has been a long while since I last updated this online journal of my exciting life, and quite a bit has happened recently, so I'm back! I know you were missing me.

I am now back in the land of Leeds and falling back into the life of a student. How hard work it is; waking up in a morning to Jeremy Kyle, followed by This Morning, Loose Women.... then a LECTURE.... then back just in time for Mr Paul O Grady. If you think that is tough you should see the amount of nights out and alcohol I have to consume to live up to this vocation.

As you will have also seen I'm back with the Angus... and while some people might thinking 'What the hell??', we are incredibly happy and better than ever :) In fact we are off to London Town in just a few weeks which was his very thoughtful birthday present to me :)

Apart from the drinking, socialising... oh and a bit of studying, I've been attending concerts! The first of which was Pink! I met my friend Sandra (from America... well she's from Sheffield, but lived with me in America so you get the shizzle. shut up) and after a few catch up coctails we headed to the MEN Arena to see one of the most exciting show cases I've seen since Kylie Minogue (I know I need to get out more). But what a performer! Flinging about all over the stage, she is quite the contortionist! She sang songs both old and new, from Lets get this party started to So What, she did them all, and even covered Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Crazy by Gnarls Barkley and Blondie's 'I touch myself'... and well... she didn't just sing that last one (thats all I'm saying). To no ones surprise there were a lot of lesbians there... I questioned Sandra as to what that said about her?

The Monday after I met up with Sandra in her home town of Sheffield, where along with her mum and sister (she has a cool family) we went to see GreenDay! I didn't know if the band would be able to live up to Pink's showmanship but they blew us away. With pirotechnics left, right and centre, they really haven't lost it. I was slightly gutted they didn't play as many old ones as they did new, but they still fit in Time of Your Life, Basketcase, Minority and Scumbag.

This past weekend me and the Angus celebrated Halloween. We thought no better way to do it but go to see a scary movie, so we went to see Michael Jackson's This is it! (I kid, I kid, he's a genius and always will be). Angus very kindly came with me, much to his dismay, however he came out complementing the star! It was an amazing movie, the only criticism I have is that it was just rehearsals; I felt that with interviews and different footage they could have compiled a bit of a story together from Michael agreeing to the tour, to London, to auditions, rehearsals and the sad day he died. But in the 2 hours which the movie played, you could see what a magnificent show it was going to be, and what a magical performer he still was. Whoever said he had lost it, had it wrong. It was sad to think that he never got to play it to just one full stadium, but his work will always be available on the DVD which is available in a few weeks (I would get a great job in marketing wouldn't I??). It was also sad that this was to be the closest I was ever get to see the king of pop in concert; but I have my commemorative ticket at home, ready to be framed and have that little piece of history forever. He was due to play some amazing songs from Black or White, Earth Song, Beat it, Billie Jean and You wanna be startin' something. They were also going to play my favorite song - Jam, which I was surprised as while its my favorite MJ hit, I didn't think it was anyone elses! What did annoyed me were the protesters who stood outside cinemas across the world at the premier claimed the film was unfair, and didn't show Michael's true health in the final weeks... but if Michael knew this movie was to be made, surely he would want a movie to show him as the amazing performer he is, and now his downfall. He wanted the world to see his masterpiece, and this is the only way to see it. So shut up and go see it.

That evening we had a Halloween Party at Angus's apartment. We made Absinth and Vodka jelly and pumpkin pies! I dressed as Michael Jackson, and Angus dressed up as Jesus.... the two together at last! I had the hat, the glasses, the wig, the bandana for a surgical mask and the suit. Angus said he couldn't afford a diamond encrusted glove, but I think the suit just worked without.

I am now sat in my 6 bedroom bastard student house with my awsome roommates. With 3 bathrooms,( one of which is my en suite, another has gold plated tiles and the main bathroom has a jacuzzi bath), beautifully decorated lounge with plazma tvs, dining room, conservatory, walk in wardrobes and a deck looking over our garden... it really is a PALACE of student house. Now before I begin to brag I'm going to take my modest mind off to my king size bed. Ok its not king size. and I'm not at all modest.

I have a month ahead of parties, Ricky Gervais stand up shows and a trip to London, and will be reporting on all in good time. But in the mean time... Goodnight my dedicated followers!

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