Thursday, December 3, 2009


My wonderful boyfriend Angus as a birthday surprise took me away to London! It's certainly going to be difficult to compete with that at Christmas... especially as a poor student!

We headed down on Friday 26th December. We got first class train tickets which was very nice... at least for free alcohol although the food isn't recommended (if your asking, an onion baji in an a rubbery nann bread). A lovely professional gentleman in front was coughing and I'm sure he was sick as we heard quite a bit of moisture, but no one reacted... not the type of experience you expect from first class!

Once in London we headed to Covent Garden where we experienced the delights of Ben's Cookies... mmmmmm! After a lengthy walk and getting lost in London, we went to see Sister Act The Musical... a brilliant stage rendition of the movie, and Whoopi Goldberg fans will not be disappointed! The stage was amazing, and performers were brilliant, although it was slightly disappointing that not one of the original music was in the performance, however the new music was hilariously funny and equally catchy.

The following morning the weather was atrocious so we headed to the Tate Modern Gallery, followed by the British Museum. That evening we dined at the best French restaurant outside of Paris in SoHo. From the superb Sole fish to the hot waiters, it was amazing... if only I could remember the name!

After dinner we headed back to the theatre where we watched Avenue Q.... how to describe it? Its like the muppets... for adults... on steroids! One lady next to us, clearly didn't know what she was in store for and walked out during the intermission and didn't return. They were blasting out hits such as 'Everyones a little bit racist sometimes', and we got to see some muppet sex scenes! It did have some good foundations to the story though, basically lifes shit but its only for now...

On Sunday we headed to the O2 arena at the Millennium Dome where we had booked to see the Michael Jackson exhibition. There was a wonderful array of outfits and antiques from Michael's home, and even explained how he did the famous Smooth Criminal lean. The saddest part was at the end, when you can leave messages for the Jackson family in a memory book, and after before the exit you walk into a dark room where Michael's famous white sparkly glove is sat, and Man in the Mirror was played... it very sadly brought me to tears, but it was so emotional, and so sad that he wasn't around anymore.

After my little pilgrimage, we got drenched in the rain and so after a walk around Covent Garden, we had a rest at the hotel. That evening we had a more relaxing evening of dinner and drinks.

Our final morning in London was spent in St James's park and a walk over to Buckingham Palace and WestMinster Abbey. We went to the Churchill Museum where we learnt all about Churchill's life and his times during the Second World War and were introduced to a secret annex which went all the way to 10 Downing Street.

After all the exciting events, we took our journey back to sunny Manchester... which was raining more than London. Sad to leave but looking forward to the next adventure!