Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sport Relief 2010

Took part in the Manchester Sport Relief run in Manchester on the 21st March, along with Angus, Clare, Janet Atkinson, Laura Atkinson and Laura's partner Leanne all met up in Manchester, very early to complete the charity event!

The most exhausting part of the event was the warm up at the start.... they made us dance around to 'I gotta feeling' by Black Eyed Peas (or is it Pees? I dont know), while some camera man was filming us all looking very silly.... I hope we weren't on national tv... some sicko probably got a thrill out of that.

Then we began the run, after a few meters we entered Granada Studios where we ran down Coronation Street. I say we ran down Coronation Street... we actually spent 20 minutes taking photos of each other in front of the Rovers Return, Street Cars and Auderys hair salon. We also helped ourselves in the Websters back garden as some fool had left the gate unlocked. I couldn't believe how tiny it was down there! All the houses looked so minature... which made me wonder how the hell they supposadly have about 6 rooms in each house to accommodate the millions of people who seem to shack up under each roof. I also couldn't believe how fake it looked down there, most of the scenery around Corrie is all just large billboards with prints on them... unbelievable. Not even the bridge is real. Anyway it was all very exciting getting to go down Corrie... it was like Disney for grown ups.... well sad grown ups like me who don't miss an episode.

I remember going to the studios years ago when they were open to the public. Its a shame they don't do that anymore as they were amazing days out. I remember there being a walk through ride where it was like being in an episode of the Borrowers, everything was so large, the furniture was made for giants and at one point the roof was lifted off us and a giant cat tried to eat us. It was so good, in fact reading this sounds like I was hooked up on ketamine at 5 years old entering the studios!
I also remember getting to see 'Sutty-Live' that day too... that was good. I don't think I'd appreciate that as much today though.

So after we spent all that time gawping at Corrie, we ran the rest of the way to the finish...I couldn't tell you how long it took us... but I did receive a medal for my run, as well as a bottle of Sainsburys own water and a nutrigrain. mmm nutrigrains. Its a good job we werent taking the time too seriously seeing we spent half of our time acting like bloody tourists! I was considering entering the New York Marathon for Aids, but I think I'd get too distracted by the Empire State Building.

After the run it was straight to the pub where we spent the day necking vino and catching up down anal treet. sorry thats meant to be canal street.

Anyway the run was so much fun and I raised quite a lot for charity... the current online total is £115, and I have not quite clocked up all the cash, so once thats done I'll update everyone with the final amount... my mum's been getting change off anyone whose brushed past her for sponsorship.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me, it was a great day out and doing something different, and all the money has gone to good causes, so thank you very much to everyone for your support :)