Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm a dot.

On the 25th June, 2010, will be the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. Its unbelievable to think that a year ago, the world was in shock to hear that one of the world's greatest entertainers and humanitarian died suddenly, just weeks before his farewell tour.

Since his untimely death, there have been many tributes, websites and shows which have been a tribute to an amazing life of an extraordinary man. One site which caught my eye however was the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, where artist David Ilan is creating a portrait of Michael using photos of his fans. There will be 1 million photographic dots making up this tremendous picture, which will be a wonderful representation of the people who loved Michael. I have already added my photo to become a dot on their website. The tribute also requires money, so any Michael Jackson fans are encouraged to either donate or buy a product from their gift store where you can buy the portrait, t-shirts and other MJ gifts which goes towards supporting this project. This is a wonderful scheme and if you are interested in anything they do please visit:

On the June 14th, Dr Conrad Murray will be entering court again regarding his involvement with the death of Michael. Joe Jackson and representatives of the family have asked that Michael's fans keep calm and not to shout abuse at Murray as it would look negatively on Michael. This is absolutly true, and is certainly what Michael would have wanted. However what is not being pushed is that Murray deserves his day in court. None of us know what happened on that tragic day, and fans and people across the world have sent abuse to Murray. I would like to take you all back to 2003, where Michael was on trial for those despicable allegations; all Michael asked was for us to listen, to keep an open mind, and to let him have his day in court. The same respect should be provided for Dr Murray, as we just don't know what happened, and is up to the courts to decide. People have asked me what I believe, and I've told them that I just don't know, and will let the courts decide to make a firm judgment. We must remember that for a long time Michael trusted Dr Murray as his general practitioner and also as a friend, and while Michael hasn't always made the right choices in his companions in the past due to his wonderful character of always trying to see good in people, he still trusted him and it is up to the courts to decide whether Murray has done anything wrong. So let Murray have his day in court, we cannot give rights to one man and not another just because we have respect for one of them. Lets hear him out, keep an open mind and lets see what the outcome is. I have complete faith in the American justice system and will not judge either way until the outcome has been decided and hope others will do the same. So if you are attending the court date on the 14th, go in peace, and go in support in Michael. I hope once this has been sorted that Michael's family will find peace and will be able to move on from this tragic last year without their son.

Long live Michael Jackson :)