Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is This it?

Is this it?

25th June 2010

It has been exactly one year to the day that the King of Pop, Michael Jacskon, tragically died and left the world in mourning. Since then it has been one of those common questions – ‘where were you when Michael Jackson died?’. I was out in the United States in Chicago, working on the front desk of a hotel; I had just started my shift when the news came up on the televisions in the reception area. The world was filled with disbelief, twitter was over-capacity, text messages and phone lines were going crazy. Now I am back at university in England, and the shock, the disbelief, but more importantly his legacy continues.

Michael left behind a family, children, friends and millions of fans. He also left behind a legacy, a lifetime of music, 50 unfinished concerts and an unknown number of songs which he had been working on before his death.

It has been shown over the last 12 months that even though the king is dead, his legacy certainly isn’t. His music has continued through other artists,; kept alive by directors and producers in films; and replayed by television stations, radios, DJ’s and his fans.

In the past year, Michael has achieved a number one movie ‘This is it’, top 10 chart albums, the opening of an exhibition, his own cirque du soleil show and brought out unheard songs and albums. And from what we’ve seen, it isn’t to stop anytime soon with more unreleased tracks, albums, a video game, tour video releases and a museum in the pipeline; Michael isn’t going away quietly, and who would want him to?

Despite the film, album and tour title, Michael has in fact proven that this really isn’t it. Not by a long way. And like many, I look forward to seeing how he is going to continue to surprise and mesmerise us in the years to come.

Long live, Michael Jackson. The man, the myth, the ultimate legend.

By David Hatton