Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Michael Mcintyre at Blackpool Tower

Sunday 1st August 2010

When I saw the price of a ticket to see Michael Mcintyre I couldn't believe how cheap it was to see someone who sells out arenas around the country; along with the fact that it was at Blackpool Tower, I had to be there.

Mcintyre who after years of fame became well known to the world after his performance on 'Live At the Apollo' with his observational comedy, hilarious anecdotes and energetic performances is now a household name and now has his own show 'Michael Mcintyre's Comedy Roadshow'. He has built up a reputation of which he is loved or loathed; but I, like many, love him.

As soon as we arrived at Blackpool Tower we were instantly pleased with the intimate venue which he had chosen to perform his 'Working Progress' gig. We felt so close to the stage and gave the audience a much more personal performance than the arena tours allow. There were no grand entrances or exits, and it took us back to the days when he was still working the comedy circuit as an amateur.

He instantly explained the cheap ticket as soon as he got on stage that this was a warm-up gig ready for his television Comedy Roadshow gig in Blackpool later this week. He wanted to try his jokes of his observations of Blackpool on us before he did the live show later in the week. He had even brought on his notes which later (after realising he had run out of material after 35 minutes) referred to and tried different stories out on the audience. Some got huge laughs, others left the audience in silence. But Mcintyre, professional as ever kept the show incredibly entertaining and much of it was made up on the spot. He even began one joke with ''This might be funny'', before going into it and getting the audience to imagine he had just talked about something related earlier.

It was an interesting insight into how professional comedians put together jokes and how they decide if they will work on large audiences. I cannot wait to see how he fits the jokes that did work into his show when it airs in the next series of Comedy Roadshow.

From stories from him dealing with fame and a family, to scoring blow jobs from his wife, it was every bit of fantastic comedy.

It was a short but sweet gig, and the mixture of the small venue along with the warm up style performance made it feel incredibly personal and seemed like we were a few of his mates in the pub.

It has opened my eyes to these warm up performances, and in future will be tempted to go to these type of gigs rather than pay the £35-£50 for an arena tour and still get a fantastically funny show.

The good news for Mcintyre fans as he certainly hasn't lost it and wont be going away anytime soon.

(photo taken from: http://www.solarchitecture.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=85)