Sunday, October 3, 2010

London Baby, Round II

Traveled to London for Angus's brother, Rory's birthday, one which after last years events at Milton Keynes was surely to be filled with laughter and lots of booze.

We were not disappointed.

We arrived in London on Saturday, immediately unimpressed that the weather was just as terrible as it was in Manchester. I thought it was meant to be warmer south of Birmingham?

We traveled over to Camden Market which is very much a very large outdoor Aflecks Palace. I must warn anyone who wishes to go however, to get cash out before you go! There is a lack of cash machines anywhere and nowhere accepts cards. I was gutted as I found a Michael Jackson Bad Tour DVD which you can't find ANYWHERE, but had no cash to purchase it with :( We also saw people with their legs in a tank having their feet being eaten by fish! It was like a more mundane version of Jaws.

Afterwards we ventured over to Borough Market where we met Rory and his friends where we commenced drinking in a wine bar at 2pm, and that was the beginning of a very messy afternoon.

We checked into the Thistle Euston hotel, which is a very clean, modern and comfortable hotel. However their service was rubbish. For those of you who know me, will know I've worked in customer service and the hospitality industry, and I was shocked at their level of service. They checked us into a twin room despite us booking a double... would it be that awkward to confirm the room with us? They charged the wrong credit card and refused to change it over and we saw others complaining of room problems and credit card issues.

The last straw was when Angus found a passport of another guest's on the front desk and handed it in; the girl instead of taking it, pointed at a man on the other side of the room and said ''its his over there''. Angus asked ''so should I just go and give it him then?'', and the girl behind the desk replied 'yeah sure', and continued her conversation with her colleague. When Angus returned, she was serving someone else and we had to queue! Unbelievable.

That evening we visited Rory's new apartment where he decided to make us jealous with his spectacular views of London.

We spent Saturday night at the G.A.Y club, which was expensive (it is London), but awsome. To go outside you have to get stamped, and now I have GAY branded upon my wrist. I assure you this was not the work of the SS or the Gestapo. Sadly, McFly were not at G.A.Y to perform naked again.

Upon leaving the club, we discovered how difficult it was to get a taxi in London. Plenty were around and many pulled over, but as soon as we said ''Euston Station please'', they replied ''I'm sorry mate, not going that way''. Excuse me? Your not going that way??? What kind of taxi service is this??? So after trying at least a dozen cabs, the only option left was to take a rickshaw home. It took one hour and cost £25 for us to go 2km, and didn't even drop us off anywhere near where we wanted to be. And he asked for a tip. The cheek!

Sunday morning we awoke rather hungover but had to check out. We were immediately disappointed to see the weather was just as terrible as the day before. After breakfast we went over to Oxford Street and wondered around the shops we had no money to spend in. This followed by lunch in an American Diner in Soho and was served by a real American! Finally we stopped off at the Apollo Theatre where Thriller Live is showing to see the plaque which had been erected for Michael Jackson; which unless I was looking in the wrong place, doesn't appear to be there???

We said our goodbyes and got the train back to Manchester and now I've put 'new feet' on my birthday wish list my current ones are killing me :( Maybe I should go for the Camden Market fish treatment?

An awsome weekend and now back to the day job... by job I mean lazy student bum.

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