Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taking the X out of the Xfactor

It was expected to be Katie Waissel's last weekend in the Xfactor after weeks of abuse from the press and the public, however she managed to slip through to another week of performances, much to many people's anger.

Simon Cowell doesn't seem to be able to win; after the public complained that the judges were sending the wrong people home, this week they left it up to the public vote; and yet the public are still complaining even though it was in their hands.

Some argued that people didn't vote for Aiden because they didn't feel he needed the votes, but is this the Xfactor's fault? If you want someone to go through, vote for them. Simple as. People are complaining that its all rigged, but after the complaints following last year's phone competition problems, ITV wouldn't dare make the same mistake again, and there is no doubt that there are both external and internal people making sure that all votes are above board, as anything else would be deemed fraudulent.

People are forgetting that this is not Big Brother. This is not a personality contest. You vote for those who want to go forward, and Katie's fans took the time to vote for her; sadly Aiden's didn't, and this will be a lesson to any other Xfactor fanatic.

People are also forgetting that Katie is just a girl who wants a music career, and the public are responding with abuse and even death threats. Any aggravation the public have of the show should be taken up with Simon and his team, not this poor girl who just wants to get on with her life.

Many of this is boiling down to the rumors that Katie is there because of her friendship with Sony; however these rumors have been cleared up by her family who explained that she met with Sony once but nothing came of it. We must also bare in mind that Xfactor have a very strict policy on people who have already had contracts, and have removed people in the past. The accusations against Katie are put down to tabloid rumor and doesn't appear to be any hard evidence for it.

But even if the rumors were true, the viewers should remember that it is a TV show. Nothing more, nothing less, and abuse of any kind is unacceptable. If you like somebody within the show, pick up the phone and vote. It is just like politics, you can't complain or have any say morally if you didn't vote in the first place.

Finally, it is unfortunate for those who are Katie haters that there is no doubt she will become a success regardless of the show, she is clearly talented. While we're on the subject of talent, it is unbelivable that people such as Katie get abuse while untalented hopefuls such as Wagner get through each week. Xfactor is turning into some reality TV show rather than a talent contest; maybe the loss of Big Brother this year is causing people to turn to other shows. But it is the public, not Katie Waissel, who have taken the X out of Xfactor


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  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Look forward to following your travels!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. Like you I can not believe that Wagner is still in the X Factor, he should have been sent home after the first audition!

  4. Your stand here makes a lot of sense though i don't watch the show.

  5. Thanks much for the comment over at my blog! I'm glad you like it. It seems like a nice thing you've got going on here too. I'm jealous that you're in England right now - I miss it!



  6. Katie is just a drama queen.....anything for publicity....she did have a recording contractand Simon bought her out of it....Thats why hes keeping her in the show ...hes invested money in her and wants a return on it.....

  7. and where, i ask, is evidence for this? its all tabloid rumours, and until someone actually provides proof from a reliable source, rather than the 'Daily Mail', I wont accept anything otherwise. But even if it IS the case, it isn't Katie that deserves death threats, abuse and otherwise; if this is the case, it is Xfactor which is responsible, not Katie, who would turn down an opportunity like that. Quite frankly though, no reliable source has yet provided proof for this; and Simon left it up to the public to decide Katie's fate, and they kept her in. FACT.

  8. The fact is that Waissel has an interesting tone of the voice, but that's it. It pains to listen to her because she has no strenghth to sing longer words together. It is also so very fake to play an inocent girl like she did last Saturday, it is obvious that she is not!

  9. i think thats a little unfair, she's been in absolute states most weeks when she's been in the bottom 2. no one would get that upset if they knew they'd be saved. who cares anyway? its a music competition, not big brother.

  10. A talent show must be treated like a talent show. However, when money gets in the way or other factors, oh well, it's another story. This is the problem when people don't follow the basic entity concept of accounting. In basic entity concept, an owner can have two companies, these two companies are two entities. These two entities should have separate account records, separate lists of cots, etc. Now, violating that will cause trouble for these two entities.

    That same basic accounting law can be applied to this case: if talent is mixed with variables like money or fame or popular vote, clearly, this will happen.

    I don't take sides who should be left out or stayed. My point is talent mixed with other variables like money, fame, and popular vote are often tough to deal with.

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