Sunday, December 26, 2010

The midnight bong of Big Ben means the End of 2010

As we close in on 2010, I wanted to reflect on the last year, which has been the beginning of a new decade. I began 2010 very drunk outside a flat in Salford, first footing (at least that’s what they tell me, they probably just wanted me to leave), and I end the year in my house in Chorlton, Manchester, which I share with Angus.

I began the year in a very difficult second year, which was so much more difficult than final year; my dissertation doesn’t cover half as much grief as what a group module in my second year caused. Needless to say I couldn’t wait to finish 2nd year, and this resulted in me leaving my shared house in Leeds; sadly leaving two of my closest friends, but gladly leaving other people behind where friendships had dissolved. From Leeds, I moved to Chorlton with Angus, where we have been cozily living in our 3x bed, 3x bathroom house (thank you very much!), and it also meant that I had to learn how to drive again due to the move… and being in a car with me is like being in a car with Mo from Driving School (remember her?).

I completed a charity run (yes me!), although run being a bit of a misleading word, for I merely meandered across the finish line; I wasn’t rushing things; plus there had to be a pit stop to take photos of me in Coronation Street which the run traveled through. This wasn’t the only time I went to Coronation Street this year; I was invited back to ITV for a birthday special for the show’s 50-year anniversary. If you are as sadly obsessed as me, you’ll know how exciting this was.

I began working back in the hospitality industry in a hotel chain in Manchester; and that’s when I realised I never want to work in a hotel again. After the three days I was there, I quit (I really gave it my best shot didn’t I?) and began working for the QCDA advising schools on Teacher Assessments. If your child’s education was messed up this year, it had nothing to do with me.

After an immense stag party around Preston; I was an usher at my cousins wedding (a lot of trust and responsibility has been put in me this year – lord knows why?) where I saw old relatives, and mainly trying to hide my relationship with Angus from the elderly members of the family, although that failed and it turned out they were more liberal than we assumed. The wedding was fantastic, and now I’m wondering when mine will be (where’s Angus gone?).

I went to Pride Festival (by now your wondering if I’m still the same David Hatton?) and this followed by a holiday with Angus to Barcelona where I fell in love with Spain and can actually see myself retiring out there (mainly for the nudists which meander the streets).

After the summer I began my final year, which after 2nd year I was rather worried about, but everything worked out well. I began my dissertation on the Touristic Legacy of Michael Jackson (no surprises there) and I’m doing some consultancy for a fishing company up in Yorkshire (wow). While university is a long commute from Manchester (6 hours of travelling a day!) I’ve got through so many books and I’ve actually begun to enjoy the commute, although at times really hated National Rail. Why they can’t add an extra carriage to a route that is constantly packed, I don’t know. This country…. *shakes head*

I’ve also begun my search for graduate jobs, which has been found to be truly difficult although some companies have taken interest and will just have to watch this step. It should be interesting to read next year’s blog to see where I will be then.

Christmas was spent at mine and Angus’s home, where we invited both of our parents to dinner (are we mad?). And New Year is being spent with friends in the house, anticipating the coming year, which for me should be an interesting one as I finish university and begin a career… who knows where I will be when I write this next year.

So as I close this blog for the final time in 2010, I wish all my readers a wonderful New Year and hope 2011 brings you everything you wish for xxx

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