Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year... New?

No not new me... same old me.... little me! Angus is questioning the 'little' part, as I'm forever expanding due to the amount of cake and chocolate I eat on a daily basis. Come on it's Christmas... ok it's not Christmas.

2011 has had a fairly slow beginning... been mainly working on my dissertation and applying to graduate jobs. Got a couple of interviews coming up, but that is all I'm saying for now. My dissertation is going strong, and I've finished my literature review, and the next stage is to begin interviewing fans, neighbors, and other stakeholders involved in Michael Jackson's Neverland home to assess his touristic legacy.

I've finished my final exam, and while I have other assessments this year, I only have 12 weeks left at university which is incredibly scary! I will then be a graduate and have no excuse to stay in bed until the mid-afternoon and watch Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women all day... ask me anything about teenage pregnancies or menopausal women!

I'm continuing to write for One Face in a Million News and I'm soon to launch a new website with travel writings, travel advice and other things... so watch this space!

This month I'm also saying goodbye to one of my closest friends, Emily Hall, who is departing to live in Boston. Emily has been a rock through the last four years of university, and have spent the last four years laughing at the most inappropriate of things. We kept in touch throughout our time in America and even went to visit each other, in each others cities. While I now have a free place to stay in Boston, I'm really going to miss having her at my disposal to meet for a quick half in the Headingley Taps and a good gossip! Of course a quick half is a complete fabrication... it usually turns into several bottles of wine!

And so until the next time :) Au Revoir! or in the words of my American friends.... Have a Nice Day! :D x