Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gender Bender

America have gone a tad crazy again! The small minded republicans have sparked a debate over whether it is acceptable to paint little boys' toenails has covered talk shows and newspapers across the United States. Apparently painting a little boy's nails will cause gender confusion. Of course the real worry is that they will end up gay which is any tight-assed republican's worst nightmare. God forbid your son would end up gay. But I have news for you... nail polish will not make any difference.

The fact is if your little boy is gay, he'll be gay, whether you provide him a barbie doll or a football. If he's gay then he'll work it out by the time he becomes a teenager, and if he's not he will most likely grow out of any female traits by the time he's joined school. Take it from somebody who asked his parents for a Barbie Doll and was turned down.... I still ended up just as 'hows your father' as Graham Norton.

It is such a shame for any child who has to suffer the the wrath of an intolerant parent. Surely you should love your child whether they turn out gay, straight, transgender or like a bit of everything! It is them as a person who you bring up and love, not who they sleep with.

So let your boys run freely with their barbies, their painted nails and platted hair if they so wish, for they will soon make their minds up of their sexuality, because you certainly cannot tailor it for them!

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