Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have received the wonderful news that I am finally employed! After the long search, countless applications, interviews and of course, rejections, I have a job within the Human Resources Department within a large retail chain.

For the past few years at University, I have regularly taken on HR subjects and has been something which I have really wanted to get into as a career but unfortunately it has been difficult to do so with every HR job needing previous experience and a CIPD qualification (which you can't do without working in HR... it is one horrible endless cycle).

On the 1st August I begin my new position and will hopefully be able to bring all that I learned throughout my degree to the position, as well as eventually get to do my CIPD and Masters in HR.

Until August, I will be temping back at my old job from last summer, which was a fantastic job which I loved and I have also heard that I will be joined with some of my old team mates from back then too!

Next week I receive my grades back from my degree, slightly nervous, but it is so good to know I have a job lined up within the field I want to go in :)

I send my best wishes and good luck to all my fellow colleagues who I went to University with on receiving their results and all the best for finding employment (or if you've already found employment, good luck in career paths). I am so happy that someone has given me the chance and I just hope I get to grow and develop within this new position :)

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