Thursday, July 28, 2011

Madeline McCann: a glimmer of hope

After the excitement of a possible find of missing Madeline, Katie McCann has confirmed that the girl in question was not their daughter. After four years, the public thought for just a few hours that the search might be over. Sadly this is not the case, a massive blow for not only the McCanns but for the country.

I don't believe this was just the case of another tabloid news story going out of proportion, I believe the world was genuinely trying to hold onto some good news, something that we've had a shortage off this year. The Norwegian Massacre, Amy Winehouse's death, Libya, Africa, the list of negative news goes on; today for just a short while we had a glimmer of hope that we could for once celebrate.

Sadly this is not the case as we continue to dwell on the negative press that fills our webpages, newspapers and television screens. Hopefully the world will soon be able to celebrate a more joyous news story.

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