Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Concerns Over Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Last month, the Jackson Estate announced plans of a tribute to the late King of Pop. The concert planned to bring some of the world's biggest selling artists together to celebrate the music and life of Michael Jackson. Details of who was performing were supposed to be announced leading up to the day of the ticket release, and on the day of the ticket release, earlier this month, no bands had been announced and the website distributing tickets had little else but a 'Coming Soon' sign. Meanwhile the Jackson Brothers discussed their disgust at the concert being planned at the same time as the trial of the Doctor accused of killing Jackson.

Now the tickets are out and the artists are released, and whom were these great artists we were all eagerly awaiting for? Alexander Burke, Cee Lo Green, Craig David, JLS, Leona Lewis and Pixie Lott. Now I am not here to critisize these name's music or their success, but are these the caliber of musicians we want playing to remember Jackson's life? I think not.

Where are the people who Jackson befriended and performed with? Where are the people from Motwown? Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin? Where are those who Jackson has inspired? Justin Timberlake? Usher? Not that I'm a fan of the latter, but at least they are remembered for their association with Jackson. The others had little to no connection and it is a disgrace that the promoters have found such a poor line up.

Maybe those close to him have turned it down due to personal reasons, or like his brothers have disliked the timing. We have to remember that a tribute concert has been canceled before due to the lack of sign ups. It is quite sad that we can't get a decent line up to celebrate a musical legend.

What has been most disturbing has been the announcement of the most recent line up, KISS. Now I am a fan of KISS, but Gene Simmons has publicly criticized Jackson and in his words is ''in doubt a pedophile''.

This show is clearly not a a tribute to Michael Jackson, but a way for promoters to get as much money as possible, rather than the charitable causes they at first claimed they were setting out to do. This show is a mockery of Michael Jackson's successes and I, like many fans, will not be attending. Hopefully, his brothers, who have Jackson and his fans' concerns at heart will eventually bring out an appropriate tribute to a man who made music what it is today.

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