Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Raging About Riots

I’m not often angry within my blogs, if anything I’m often attempting to be comical (whether that comes across can be left to you to judge), but today I am angry. Angry at the people across this country who are destroying cities and lives.

This is not a political movement. This has nothing to do even with the policeman who shot a member of the public. There will be no ‘liberation’ for anyone at the end of this. This is nothing more than a few 17-18 year old chavs with no political agenda, who are doing nothing more than causing disruption and looting. Pure criminals.

Martin Luther King said that riots are caused by the unheard. Well tonight the BBC asked those rioting why they were doing it, providing them a stage to be heard, and did they have a response? Did they bollocks.

If for whatever reason people are out there with a political agenda, nothing justifies this mess. We are not in poverty. We are not having are human rights removed or being persecuted. Your actions are sickening and only hurting the general public, who do not deserve this.

I had to quickly run out of the city centre and luckily managed to catch a taxi home; if it had been a few minutes later I wouldn’t have been able to get home.

I am now sat at home in fear of the coming days or whether it will spread to my local area. Nobody should have to be in fear leaving work or being at home.

These people are scum. Nothing more, nothing less.

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