Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recruitment in a Recession

I have recently begun a job working within the Human Resources department for one of the largest retail chains in the UK. My role is focused mainly within recruitment and I have to sift through applications to decide who is suitable and legally acceptable for each job. I speak with applicants on a daily basis and I cannot believe how many applicants we have come to us who used to be senior management or even CEOs applying for a 12 hour a week role as a shelf stacker or a trolley collector. It is so eye opening to the problems in this country today.

It is so sad and yet on the other hand I have so much admiration for these people who are willing to start at the bottom all over again, rather than claiming benefits which so many happily abuse.

I have to give bad news on a daily basis, informing people they haven't made the cut because they either were not within legal requirements to fulfill the job or were unsuitable; the despair in their voices is heartbreaking at times. Thankfully my job also provides good news on a daily basis. I give hope and opportunity to people and the joy within the applicant is overwhelming; at these times I feel I am doing a good thing.

More than anything I am thankful I am within a job, at the beginning of a career I do want to pursue and one that I am very much enjoying; one which I appreciate more and more everyday after hearing the stories and struggles of our applicants.

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