Monday, August 22, 2011

V Festival: VIP Style

After his hard work over the last several months in his job, Angus received two complimentary tickets for a VIP experience at V Festival, and very kindly took me along with him. Unfortunately the show we had to attend was in Chelmsford, which (with traffic and several accidents on the way down) took us seven hours to get to! However once we were there, we were delighted with the set up. The campsite held a quiet tranquillity, unlike the over crowded campsites I had previously experienced; however there was still enough people for a good party on a Saturday night! The campsite was mainly filled with people like us, who belonged with companies from Nokia, Virgin Media and various other promoters.

The best part about the campsite had to be how little we had to walk anywhere. It took us no more than five minutes to walk from the car, to the campsite and then onto the main stage within the arena, which made it so easy to move our heavy belongings between the two; not that we needed to struggle, as golfing buggys were on hand to shuffle our belongings around! It was also helpful to have real toilets and access to warm showers.

The next day we got our first taste of the Louder Lounge VIP experience. We entered and the decorative flowers, fountains and hippyish garden party themed tents made it a haven. I began to call the area ‘Happy Land’. We had lunch and dinner everyday within the place for free and all drinks were free throughout the weekend, which we were allowed to take into the arena with us. To get in and out of the area we had to walk through a highly secured gap in the fencing which seemed quite ominous, but the very friendly staff began to know who we are and before long they didn’t even bother to ask for our passes.

Louder Lounge is famous for its celebrity guests and across the weekend we bumped into Ralph Little (2 pints, Royale Family), Matt Smith (Dr Who) who happened to go to the same school as Angus, Sam Pepper (Big Brother), Robert Sheehan (Nathan from Misfits), Rupert Grint (Harry Potter) and the only way is essex crew. What was rather shocking was that every entrance of V festival has police dogs and sniffer dogs.... every entrance, that is, except the VIP section and it was quite clear why. The VIP section was rifled with drugs, with some people openly snorting cocaine in the bar without any subtlety at all. It does seem sometimes that there is one rule for one, and a different rule for another.

On Saturday the bands we went to see were Fun Lovin Criminals, Kids in Glass Houses, Bruno Mars, Lost Prophets, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight and Gomez. We had many, many cocktails and spent the evening dancing the evening away in the Louder Lounge bar and singing on the Sing Star stage. Afterwards a sing-song around a grand piano in the camp site went on into the early hours.

On Sunday we packed up our things in the morning so that we could leave after the show. That day we went to see Wolfgang, Fitz and the Tantrums, Mummies, Ellie Goulding, Manic Street Preachers, Hard Fi (who made a surprise appearance) and Rihanna. We left after Rihanna’s set as we wanted to get back and half way through the four-hour trip home, I really appreciated it as I was shattered and couldn’t wait to curl up on a comfy bed which I had been deprived of since Thursday. We finally got in after 1am, burnt to a crisp and ready for a shower!

The best acts amongst the weekend had to be Rihanna, Manic Street Preachers and Kaiser Chiefs. The most surprisingly good performance was Bruno Mars, who are such fun guys and got everyone dancing and enjoying themselves (it was also nice to see new talent appreciate having an audience so big). We had the most amazing time at the festival, unfortunately I think it has broken us for all future festivals as we now expect a certain standard, which sucks for Angus who is going to Leeds Festival on Wednesday, where there wont be any VIP treatment.

As for now, it is back to work, away from the ‘Happy Land’ which is Louder Lounge, which was sad to leave, but it doesn’t even compare to the comfort of my own bed.


  1. once youve gone VIP, you can never go back!
    that is why i choose standard class all the way baby!!

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