Friday, October 21, 2011

The Time I Was Hypnotized

After watching Derren Brown this evening hypnotize a man to assassinate the much loved Stephen Fry, it reminded me of the time I was hypnotized myself back in 2004. On a holiday with my family, we watched hypnotist, Morpheus on a couple of occasions, in which my dad believed it was all fake. However, each evening I was falling asleep just sitting in the audience, and the hypnotist's stage hand had to keep poking me to wake me up as being in the audience and not in the spotlight, they couldn't keep me under control. I decided to give it a go and be hypnotized!

We took the evening very seriously, especially since my mum was rather concerned with what I was about to undertake. The stories of people falling unconcious and never waking up again deeply scared her. I didn't drink any alcohol before as advised and when called I went up and sat with the other volunteers. The first test was similar to Derren's tricks of making our hands stick together and being unable to pull them apart. Those that could pull them apart were asked to return to their seat. Mine, however, were unable to break apart; a feeling so very strange and defied all logic to me.

After Morpheus broke my hands apart, he began the trance. I was told to picture walking down hundreds of steps going down down down, deeper, deeper deeper. And that's the last I remember of it. The next I knew, people were applauding me and I'd assumed the whole experiment hadn't worked. What my family and anyone who has watched the DVD saw was me believing I was a kangaroo, having sex with a chair (not literally) and physically crying on stage (both with laughter and with sadness). At one point I was asked to rejoin my family under the trance, to which my best friend, Rob and my parents said it was as if I wasn't really there, like my mind was some place else.

After I was awoke up to the applaud, my family's reaction said it all that it had been a success. People came up to me and told me how hilarious I was. We bought the DVD so I could go home and watch it. After waking up I felt so awake and alive with energy. It was very late into the night, and yet it felt like it was mid-afternoon. I felt so unbelievably happy and alive with life and I wanted to party the night away. It was if I had taken some sort of drug.

I can understand how dangerous hypnosis could be being in the wrong hands, as Derren has demonstrated in his show, but at the same time it shows how remarkable the human body is. For those who don't believe in it, I only suggest you try it (and let yourself go rather than stubbornly fighting against it) or take my word for it, as it was a truly remarkable experience, one which I will never forget.

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  1. love your story David,,, also enjoyed theshow on tv as well Friday night