Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Conrad Murray: Dr Death

I awaited for the verdict as it came out live on Sky News on Monday evening. It was unbelivably intense as we awaited the fate of Conrad Murray and the verdict which would outline his part in Michael Jackson's death. Unlike many fans, I wanted to give him a fair trial and let him have his day in court like we gave Michael in 2005; but the evidence was clear soon into the trial that this man had been irresponsible and had to face punishment.

Fans across the world have deemed a murderer and a monster. I don't believe him to be either. I believe that he was idiotic and money hungry; he gave into whatever Michael Jackson demanded and for that he needs to be stripped of his medical liscence. While he may have felt he was giving Michael everything he wanted, he was letting him down. I have no doubt that Michael thanked him everyday for going against the law to end his insomnia. Conrad, instead of finding him help, he sat and fed his addiction, even recording Jackson's drugged up slurs.

Conrad Murray isn't the only one to blame; AEG, everyone involved with the This Is It tour, his management and anyone who had access to him in those last few weeks were just as much as to blame for Jackson's death as Murray. They made the world believe Michael was ok and encouraged him onto a stage when he was obviously in no fit state to perform. Instead of getting him to recuperate and come off the drugs, they fed him whatever he wanted to get him on that stage and ready to go.

Of course Michael too was to blame, but he was an addict, he didn't know any better. If your friend, family member or colleague is an addict, you help them and say ''please don't die''. You don't ignore it or (in Murray's case) feed the addiction. Michael relied on those closest to him and today only Conrad Murray is the one who is on trial.

The world has lost an icon and it is all down to an entourage of money-hungry men who felt it better to line their own pockets, rather than considering the welfare of a human being. Should Murray serve time? Possibly, anyone responsible for someone else's death should have some of their own life taken away. Prison is probably the safest place for him right now; I know I wouldn't want to face billions of angry Michael Jackson fans after being blamed for killing their hero. But more than anything he should have his medical liscence away, he went against the oath that as a Doctor he had to take. There is no doubt he will find some fortune at the end of this, the media are already beginning to make programmes and when he is released he will be able to exploit the media attention in interviews, books and television documentaries.

But if nothing else, Michael's family and fans will be able to at last have closure on what did happen to him on his final weeks, they have got that person to blame and he is now being punished. While there are people out there who should still be blamed, it will never replace the King of Pop, and now the world should let him go and embrace his musical legacy that he leaves behind.

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  1. Very well said David.
    No one would deny the responsibility of Conrad Murray as Michael's Doctor, but it is laughable to suggest that everyone else around him failed to notice his deterioration. Of course they noticed, what they failed to do was act.
    RIP The King of Pop