Saturday, November 12, 2011

Heavy D: 1967-2011

I was saddened to hear the news that rapper Heavy D died suddenly this week. While I hadn't followed Heavy's career closely, he had collaborated with my favourite artist of all time Michael Jackson on no other than my favourite Michael Jackson's song: Jam!

I saw Heavy live in his final weeks at the Michael Jackson Tribute Show in Cardiff in which he joined Michael's sister Latoya in the performance of Jam.

So in tribute to heavy here are his lyrics from one of the greatest collaborations of all time; Jam:

Jam Jam
Here Comes The Man
Hot Damn
The Big Boy Stands
Movin' Up A Hand
Makin' Funky Tracks
With My Man
Michael Jackson
Smooth Criminal
That's The Man
Mike's So Relaxed
Mingle Mingle Jingle
In The Jungle
Bum Rushed The Door
3 And 4's In A Bundle
Execute The Plan
First I Cooled Like A Fan
Got With Janet
Then With Guy
Now With Michael
Cause It Ain't Hard To...


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