Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Transexual Summer

While the final moments of last night's episode of My Transexual Summer was supposed to provide an air of hope and joy for a transgender girl finding a job around accepting people, it instead made me angry, unoptimistic and reduced me to tears. All this male to female transexual person wanted was to have a job and for once not be judged. Channel 4 watched her as she traveled from shop to shop asking for work. I was horrified to see how many people rejected her (on camera!) saying that she would make the customers feel uncomfortable and therefore could not give her a job. Is this legal? How can it be? If it is, it is disgusting. A flamboyant gay man, a disfigured or disabled person could make someone feel uncomfortable, but you would not dare reject them from a job they were perfectly be suitable and could easily do surely?

It probably didn't help that Channel 4 kept going up to customers and asking what they thought of the new transexual barista, they probably wouldn't have even noticed she was trans if they hadn't shaken bigotry out of these elderly customers.

I could not believe how horrificly these people are still treated in this country today; Britain claims it is a cosmopolitan and accepting place, but seeing how transgender people suffer on a daily basis shows that we are far from it. These people struggle a life time of pain just to be able to enjoy the simple luxury of being able to wear the clothes they wish to wear and feel comfortable in their own skin, which many of us take for granted on a daily basis.

The government need to crack down and make more clear that the poor treatment of these minorities will not be tolerated. Jobs should not be restricted from them because they might put off a bigoted customer. We need to open our arms and welcome these people who have suffered enough quietly themselves without the rest of the world looking in and judging them too.

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