Friday, December 30, 2011

And a happy new year to you!

As the Big Ben clock makes its final bong in 2011 and the fireworks across the country explode into the atmosphere, I contemplate the last year and wonder what will become of 2012 for little old me (little I hear you question?)

I began the year in the middle of my final year of University, completing my dissertation on the touristic legacy of Michael Jackson. The end of the semester also meant the end of one of my closest friend’s time in England as my dear friend Emily moved to Boston, MA to live with her husband and give birth to her little boy. Emily wasn’t the only one to have a baby this year as my cousin Chris and his wife had their first baby girl.

The year of 2011 sums up me finishing University and having to grow up. I graduated with excellent grades and was awarded for Outstanding Achievement with the faculty. My dissertation was also passed onto Michael Jackson’s estate and family too. I also continued Michael Jackson’s touristic legacy myself through attending a live show Man In The Mirror with my friend Kat, and attended the Forever tribute show in Cardiff (although the latter was nearly ruined as I ran around the capital of Wales looking for a hotel room).

Finishing university meant I had to go and get a job (tut) and temping at a large retail chain led me to move into my sought after career in Human Resources, a career I had desired since my University modules last year in the subject. I now recruit for one of the largest retail firms in the UK and the studying has not all together stopped as I completed an Equality and Diversity course this year and have plans to complete a part time Masters and CIPD qualification next year to help me progress with my career.

I went to V Festival where I hung out with the celebs in the VIP section and danced away to Rihanna! Me and Angus went to the Lake District where we walked up mountains which never ended (mainly because the paths had been redirected without notice) and did a spot of literary tourism in Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth’s homes.

October was a mixed month. It began with the wedding of two of my closest friends, Vanessa and Shaun but I later lost my Uncle Mick who sadly passed after being diagnosed of cancer. The month ended on a high however as my cousin’s christening brought a focus on new life in the Hatton family. Not many people can say they’ve done the full circle of life in just 4 weeks!

The year ends with close friends, who are coming to celebrate with us. And to that I raise a glass and wish all of my friends and readers a wonderful New Year and that 2012 bring everything you wish for x

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