Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Crimbo and that

It is that time of year again where I try to compete with the Queen for best Christmas message... personally I think hers lacks a little edge or humor but whatever!
I finished work today at 4pm (nice!) and now I'm not in until next Thursday, which will be the longest I've had off in ages! I received a lovely secret santa gift off a work colleague: a Coronation Street Rovers Return mug and a pair of Jack Duckworth Racing Pidgeons. I don't know what gave anyone the impression that I liked Coronation Street??

I tried to be all nice and charitable (''David, are you still doing stuff for charity?'' I hear you cry!) so I bought a selection box to give to the children's hospital as they were collecting them at work. I took my selection box to work but they had already been taken the night before; so I'm stuck with all this chocolate, oh how I will suffer this Christmas.

Working in a city centre is horrible at this time of year... people don't appreciate that I don't want to be there and that I have to be there due to work being all inconsiderate and placing it in a central business hub. I try to rush past the dordellers (you know who you are) who walk at a half a mile an hour and stop at every window to see what offers on. I HAVE A BUS TO CATCH! Is murder wrong if its a Manchester shopper?

The bus home on my final day was amusing; a young child stood up and announced to the bus, ''LOOK GRANDAD, THAT STRANGE WOMAN IS ASLEEP!'', the woman opened her eyes to see a young blonde haired boy pointing at her. As I got off the bus I saved a dog, who had run away from his owner, from running into the road. As his owner came running I could understand why the poor little animal had considered suicide; the owner was a chav, didn't for a second thank me for saving the cute puppy, but did pick it and screamed ''YOU LITTLE BASTARD!' at the dog. At least I hope it was the dog... if it was aimed at me, I don't know who he was calling 'little'. Lovely Christmas spirit.

I came home where I found a flustered Angus who informed me that I had used up all his Christmas paper. He wasn't happy I had used it all up. What am I? A shop keeper? I don't do stock checks. Anyway he's off finding Christmas paper two days before Christmas. Fun.

Christmas will be spent with my lovely family in Preston. New Year will be enjoyed with my good friends Finn and Shelley who I'm hoping will bring some of Finn's Scottish heritage to our festivities. We have a Scot, we only need Travis now and it will be Hogmanay in our own house!

Anyway Have a Wonderful Christmas too all my wonderful friends and family!

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